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Work From Home Tips: Virtual Dressup, Diet, and Health

So here we are 7 months into lockdown struggling not to get freaked out with life. COVID pandemic has been tough for all of us, not only for work-Life, jobs, and businesses but Party life, social gatherings have also been really affected. Dressing up differently every day for Office and the Weekend Parties is a major missing for most of us. People are missing the daily excitement they had about their daily dress-ups for different chores of the day. In this article, I’m gonna tell you 3 amazing hacks and work from home tips that you should follow. These tips will surely make your day somewhat exciting, more productive, and happening.

Tip 1: Morning Clean up

work from home tips

Most of the people on work from home are so lazy about things like having a shower etc. before they start their work schedule. Starting your day like this is not a good idea. It makes your behavior lazy and which leads to low productivity of work. Having a shower in the morning boosts up your vibe and makes you feel refreshed with a blast of energy. This really gives a good impression to others during early morning zoom meetings and makes others amazed about your unique energy level. The best tip to start your work from home is to freshen up and get a morning shower

BONUS: Using Shower Gels in place of regular soap really gives you a good boost during your Shower

Tip 2: Diet

Healthy diet while working from home

Work from home might not be an easy task for many of us like attending calls, meetings, work pressure, kids at home, and household things simultaneously. You guys should not skip your major diets during the day i.e. breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Avoiding them is really unhealthy and moreover creates issues in different parts of the body. Leaving the major diets aside, you should also concentrate on that you do not overeat during any of the times. Try eating less quantity and more quality diets rich in fiber, minerals, and protein. Also, try eating small snacks during the time whenever you feel hungry during the daytime. Also, don’t compromise any required meals just for the sake of work. Having a proper and healthy diet is another best work from home tips.

BONUS: Try eating fruits in the morning as well as during the evening. It gives you several minerals and helps you boost up your body’s vibe. Eating oats with milk during brunch is highly recommended.

Tip 3: Clothing (Virtual Dressup)

Work from home tips

You guys know mostly about clothing during working from home. Still, I can personally give some recommendations about virtual dress-up for the best impression. During normal days (Where you do not have to attend video meetings, try wearing loose t-shirts and loose Pajamas. It makes you feel calm, relaxed, comfortable, and surely increases your productivity in your comfort zone. Whereas on the days when you have to do video calls, try wearing well-ironed formals and avoid wearing the same shirts again and again. Recent research says that good virtual dress-up is a good boost up and makes you confident in work from home culture. 

BONUS: Try Using Deo every time before starting your work. It really helps your body to buckle up and give your entire body a good vibe and freshness.

Bonus Hack

morning walk before starting work from home

Last but not at least I would like to suggest that having small walks in the morning before starting your day as well as after finishing your daily job. It helps your body to conform with the environment, also helps your body parts to stay healthy and stretched. Washing your face with a fash wash 2 times a day would help you to maintain your Energy Level

I hope you enjoyed reading all these work from home tips.

Give it a try and share your views on how you feel by following these tips.  

 Please share your valuable suggestions in the comments section below. 

Cheers for now! ♥♥


Thank You Shivam Chawla for your wonderful content contribution. 🙂

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