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Top Secrets of Naturally Beautiful Skin

Top Secrets of Glowing Skin

Beauty does not mean to have fair complexion but It is very important for your skin to be clean and healthy. We all want to look beautiful and there are thousands of expensive beauty products and cosmetics in the market that claim to make you look flawlessly beautiful. We frequently visit beauty parlors for facial, massage, face pack etc, specially women revolve around beauty parlor, But do you know, you can be naturally beautiful just by using some home made products and by adopting some natural home remedies. Let’s know some easy beauty secrets, which you can easily try at home.

How to remove wrinkles and dark circles

With wrinkles, you look older than your age, so to get rid of wrinkles, mix a few drops of lemon juice in a teaspoon of honey and put it on the face. This will remove facial wrinkles and moisturize your skin. To avoid wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, add honey in almond oil and rub it gently with your finger tips and wash it. 

For glowing skin

Mix a spoonful of rose water and a spoonful of milk, add two to three drops of lemon juice and apply it on the face to keep skin soft and glowing. To make skin brighten, add a spoonful of orange juice, a spoonful of honey and rose water and make a paste. Apply this paste on the face and neck. Wash on drying.


Take few pieces of tomatoes, massage your face with light hands, all the dirt of the face will be cleaned. Scrubbing is very important for skin cleansing. The Scrub stops the dead cells of the skin, and prevents from dust particles. 

Get rid of oily skin

A tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with a teaspoon of rose water and crushed peppermint place for 1 hour. Then apply it on your face and wash it after 20 minutes. This will remove the viscosity of the face and reduce oil from the skin.

Avoid rusty skin

Mix honey and orange juice in coconut oil and apply it on a dry, torn skin. After drying this mixture, wash it with lukewarm water and wipe it lightly with coconut oil or some moisturizer .

Tightening skin by using honey

Apply honey on face and neck,  after drying a little, massage your face with fingers. Clean the honey with lukewarm water after drying it. This will help to soften the skin.

Top secrets of naturally beautiful Skin

Following the Tips will definitely help you to be more beautiful and glowing.
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  2. […] Top Secrets of Naturally Beautiful Skin […]

  3. […] Top Secrets of Naturally Beautiful Skin […]

  4. […] Top Secrets of Naturally Beautiful Skin […]

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