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Smelly Armpits, Body Odor and Sweating- Home Remedy Treatment

Smelling good is equally important as looking good to make a lasting impression. Imagine yourself in a situation where a person (a handsome looking man or a beautiful girl) whom you have been eyeing for some time comes and stands close to you. You are excited; however, in another moment you cannot be standing near him. Why? Their body odor, smelly sweating! It does not matter how cute or good looking you are, but with the unbearable smell, the person is standing next to you will either be extremely uncomfortable in your presence or taunt you about it. In both cases, it would be embarrassing for you. Good smell is like an attractive device that can make you unique and enjoyable to be with you.

Sweating and Bacteria

Some people believe that body odor comes from sweat. It is that sweating reacts with the bacteria on the skin that produces odor. Poor hygiene coupled with excessive sweat is a combination that will result in body odor.

How to smell good?

Body odor, home remedy, deodrant

Most of us are blessed with low body odor that can be taken care of with a good deodorant. However, some unlucky souls have to suffer some very fatal consequences of body odor. However, there are some simple methods that, if followed regularly, can help you reduce or control body odor, which is enough to save you from embarrassment.

Personal hygiene for Body Odor and Perspiration

 First of all, one needs to understand correctly that our aim is not just good smell or bad smell, but also to keep the very root of body odor fresh for a long time. Therefore, if you are possible twice a day, then you should take a fresh bath daily. Take a bath with warm water and add a dash of sweet-smelling essential oils or lemon juice to your bathwater. It will give your body a sweet aroma. Deodorant yourself immediately after a towel dry. Using roller deodorants give better results. Focus on areas that are over-sweating, such as armpits.

Invest in Good Perfumes

Use good and strong perfume. Since your body has a strong smell, You need to know which fragrance you like best:

What type of perfume should you use?

Perfume Fragrance guide, Body odor and treatment

Perfume (Perfum)

These contain 20% to 30% fragrance oils and are the longest lasting. They are expensive but are the best option for people with strong body odor.

After bathing and preferably on the skin, use them to avoid perfume spots on your clothes and for a long-lasting effect.

Eau De Parfum

These are strong and long-lasting fragrances. They contain 8% to 15% fragrance oil, thus giving it a strong fragrance.

Eau De Cologne / Toilettes

These contain only 3% to 8% fragrance oils and are not very strong or long-lasting. People with strong body odor should not opt ​​for these, as this cologne will make their body odor stronger.

Home Remedies to Cure Body Odor

Lime & Baking Soda-

Lemon and Baking soda for body odor cure

Using lime is a sweat-soaking remedy that is all-natural and very easy to do at home. It is very high in acid and it neutralizes odor-causing bacteria. 

How to do it-

Cut a lime in half and rub it on your underarms like a deodorant. Make sure that you get enough of that juice on your armpits to make it more effective. Don’t worry if you notice that after a few weeks of using lime, your underarms are light. This is a normal reaction of your skin to lime juice. Make sure your armpits are dry before putting them on your clothes because lime has a bleaching effect. This is very easy to do. Some people mix lime juice with baking soda as a natural deodorant to make excess sweat home remedy and use it after every shower  Lime kills bacteria and baking soda prevents heavy sweating.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and then apply it on your armpit every night before going to bed. Make sure your armpits are clean. It is advisable to take a shower before you apply. Do not apply vinegar until your armpits are clean and free of any deodorant residues, otherwise, the solution will not be effective. Take your normal bath in the morning and apply your regular antiperspirant or deodorant. Also, when it comes to neutralizing bacteria when you sweat less, vinegar with lime has the same effect.

Tips to follow-

Body odor tips and treatment
  • The treatment for body odor is simple and can be obtained by drinking at least 3 liters of water every day to flush out all the toxins from your body.

  • Use foot deodorant if you have problems with smelly feet.

  • Wear light clothes such as cotton or linen to dry your skin and breathe.

  • Avoid Caffeine, aerated drinks, alcohol, and cigars on all occasions

  • Include more green vegetables, fruits, and yogurt in your meals.

  • Avoid some fatty, spicy, and oily junk food.

I came to know these facts about our body odor and treatments while interviewing a sportsman and, I believe that players who sweat a lot after a game can best describe it. So if you want to find a cure for body odor as soon as possible by understanding more about the nature of body odor and the causes of body odor, it is better and easier for you to find a better cure for body odor.

Very soon, you will be able to get rid of body odor. 

Yes! You can do it too! 

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