Skin Care tips for men
Skin care

Skin care tips for men

There was a time when men were identified as being only rough and tough. But now things are not the same as before. Now not only women want to look beautiful but desire to look beautiful or attractive has grown in men too. They also want their skin to be healthy and beautiful. If you still think being clean shaved will make you look handsome, then this time has gone. Today is the time to see ‘Hi handsome’ and ‘Number one…

So let’s know some home remedies and skin care tip for healthy skin of men ​

Skin care tips for men's

  • Before you go out in summers apply sunscreen on your face and all the uncovered areas of your body.
  • UV rays can damage your facial skin so Cover your face always to avoid sunburn.
  •  Hair fall has become a major problem these days and this happens due to direct contact of UV rays so there are good hair protectors are available in the market.
  • Drink water as much as you can, and that’s the best mantra of shiny skin and moist your body throughout.
  • Avoid wearing a short-sleeved shirt in sunlight
  • Use curd when you bath. Curd is a great anti-tanning agent for skin. And if you add some lemon in it, it will be more effective.

Always apply sunscreen

Men tend to ignore applying sunscreen. However, it is very important for their skin. In winter sunlight is not very effective but then also it is enough to spoil your skin. Therefore Make sure you apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out, so it gets absorbed better.

Lip care

In winter, there is a need to take special care of the lips. For this, a good quality lip balm should be used. When you see yourself closely in the mirror, you can easily see fine lines on lips. As the years go by, the lips start looking chapped, and it looks so bad. Men do not have the advantage of lipstick to hide their chapped lips as women have. So you have to be more careful about them. Lip balm on the lips before sleeping at night makes your lips soft and beautiful. It also gives them nutrition.


Exfoliation is very important to remove dead skin cells from the skin. It is also useful to protect skin against all bacterial infections. If you do not scrub your skin will fill dirt in your pores. This can be the problem of acne. Therefore, exfoliation regularly makes your skin soft and helps in keeping away from many types of infections.

Open your self up to Mr. right by being the best you

-Steve Harvey

Dear Gentleman- These Skin care tips are easy to follow and will guarantee a better looking complexion. It just requires a little change in routine.

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