Paranoid personality disorder

Mental Health: Paranoid Personality, Causes and Control

What is Paranoid Personality?

Paranoid personality disorder, or PPD, is a type of mental state that causes someone to have thoughts that are uncommon, unhealthy, and inaccurate. They also cause unusual behaviors and significant impairment or disability in several areas of a person’s life. 

Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a type of personality disorder that causes the affected person to behave oddly or strange. This condition falls under a group of personality disorders called “Cluster A”

It usually surfaces by early adulthood and is more common in men than in women.


Paranoid Personality Disorder Angry man

PPD specifically causes a person to be paranoid about the intentions, thoughts, and actions of other people. They have a strong distrust of others and often misinterpret what people say and do . They also may believe that people around them are trying to hurt them, are lying, or are cheating on them. They hold grudges, are suspicious, and may go on the offensive, attacking someone because they perceive they are going to be harmed or mistreated.

Symptoms Of Paranoid Personality Disorder

People with PPD feel that they may be attacked at any time and without reason. Even though there is little or no evidence, they persist in maintaining their suspicions and thoughts.

Paranoid personality symptoms
  • Doubt the commitment, loyalty, or trustworthiness of others, believing others are using or deceiving them
  • Are reluctant to confide in others or reveal personal information due to a fear that the information will be used against them
  • Are unforgiving and hold grudges
  • Are hypersensitive and take criticism poorly
  • Read hidden meanings in the innocent remarks or casual looks of others
  • Perceive attacks on their character that are not apparent to others; they generally react with anger and are quick to retaliate
  • Have recurrent suspicions, without reason, that their spouses or lovers are being unfaithful
  • Are generally cold and distant in their relationships with others, and might become controlling and jealous
  • Cannot see their role in problems or conflicts and believe they are always right
  • Have difficulty relaxing
  • Are hostile, stubborn, and argumentative

Effect on Relationships

Paranoid Personality disorder man-yelling-at-woman

People with paranoid personality disorder are hesitant to confide in or develop close relationships with others because they worry that the information may be used against them. 

They doubt the loyalty of friends and the faithfulness of their spouse or partner. They can be extremely jealous and may constantly question the activities and motives of their spouse or partner in an effort to justify their jealousy.

Thus, people with paranoid personality disorder can be difficult to get along with. When others respond negatively to them, they take these responses as confirmation of their original suspicions.

paranoid personality disorder depressed man


PPD can be managed with behavioral therapies and in some cases with medications, but it is a difficult condition to treat because there is often a lot of resistance.

No treatments are effective for paranoid personality disorder. However, if people are willing to cooperate, Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps people identify distortions in thinking and understand how these distortions lead to problems in their lives. The premise is that how people feel and behave is determined by how they interpret experiences. Through the identification of core beliefs and assumptions, people learn to think in different ways about their experiences, reducing symptoms and resulting in improvement in behavior and feelings.

There is no medication that can treat PPD itself, but anti-anxiety drugs, antidepressants, and antipsychotic medications may help to relieve some symptoms.

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