How to identify fake or duplicate Products

How To Identify Fake/Duplicate Beauty Products?

If you fond of beauty products and cosmetics then this article is a must-read for you. You need to be clever while purchasing beauty products because India’s cosmetics industry is selling counterfeit Beauty products like anything, and these duplicates can damage your skin badly. According to various surveys, it was found that the crores of rupees in the Cosmetic Market are covered with the junkyard of duplicate beauty products. Even in beauty parlors, counterfeit products are being sold and used. And identifying the difference between original and duplicate products is not just easy for ordinary people.

We use branded beauty products to keep our skin healthy and shiny, but think, at the same time, you notice Freckles, spots, and pimples on your skin, then it is a red sign to monitor your beauty products, be careful. Your beauty product may not be real, they can be counterfeit beauty products. Delhi-NCR markets are full of fake beauty products from well-known companies. You are paying more in the name of good brands, but some greedy suppliers and sellers are selling fake products in the exact packing of well-known premium brands like Lakme, Huda Beauty, Maybelline, MAC, etc. in the pursuit of more than double profit.

Today we are telling how you can identify fake cosmetics/Beauty Products and avoid such online fraud:

1. Does the price look right?

If you find the price of some products very attractive then it is more likely that there is something wrong with the product. Find out the maximum discount possible on the product of that category. Branded items, luxury products etc. do not have 70-80 percent discount compared to MRP. If getting such a discount, then understand that the item is fake.

Fake/duplicate Cosmetics giving 80% dicount off

See the discount on both products, It is not at all original. Getting this huge discount on luxury brand is not possible.

2. Bad packing

Big brands spend a lot on packaging and decor. Apart from spending money, they also take great care of passing it on to the customer so that the product reaches them in the right condition. If the packing of the item is defective, the box is torn or it is looking very poor then it can be the identity of the fake product. If you find any product without packing then it is fake.

Bad packaginf of fake/duplicate beauty product

-It is clearly visible that packaging of original one is very fine and name is clearly visible from the outside cover.
-Duplicate/fake one has bad packaging, name is not properly visible from outside, product is not properly placed inside the cover.

(These details are not easily identifiable for ordinary person, who does not know about it much but you need to give extra attention to the packaging specially, because big brands never compromise with their packaging. So you can easily identify the fake one)

3. Grammar / spelling mistake in the name

This is the easiest and most common way to identify fake products. Incorrect spelling or grammar mistakes are impossible with the brand. If the company will not be able to write its name correctly on the packing, then how will it be able to pay attention to the quality of the product and other things, understand with the fact that you have been given a fake product. Many times, companies selling counterfeit goods also copy the name of the famous brand and remove a letter of spelling to avoid legal action. Read the name carefully and avoid fake goods.

4. Fake website

If you are shopping online, then consider the truth of the website. If the website itself is fake then the product will definitely be fake. Check the URL carefully and see if there is a lock mark. The real website will start from https where your payment will be secure, instead of http. You can check the truth of the URL by pasting the address of the URL on these two websites. and This will tell you whether the site is correct or not.

5. Cheap stuff

Counterfeit products are generally very poor. Instead of the original parts, they have fake and substandard parts. In these, you will see cheaper plastic, rexine instead of leather, cheaper glass, weaker cloth, and already used goods. Not only this, you can see some difference in the texture of the stuff as well. By touching it, you can feel that the stuff is fake.

6. Promises and mismatch

The company prints many details such as code, serial number, model number, trademark and patent information on the goods. Counterfeit product companies forget to copy many of these pieces of information. You can also check the number of the product to be genuine and fake.

mismatch in fake and orignal products packing by sticker

FAKE- There is no original silver sticker on the top of the right side.

ORIGINAL- There is silver original sticker on the top of the right side

7. Logo or font blur

Like spelling, the logo, brand name, and trademark can also be seen blurred on fake products. You just need to watch it carefully. If you look at the real and fake people together, then you will easily understand the difference. If you do not see the difference in your understanding, then by taking a photo of it and comparing it on the original website, the difference will be caught. There may be something different about the size of the font and the way it is written. The color and printed text of the logo may also differ in the case of counterfeit products.

Faded print of fake/duplicate product

8. No contact details

If the product does not have a physical address, email, phone number, and contact details, then the product can be fake. It is indeed a matter of concern that how a company wants to forget the customer after selling goods. It is good that you forget such a product. If there are details, then go to the company website and mix it.

9. No accessories

In the goods you have bought, there is a mention of the accessories in the pack. If there is no item inside, it can be a sign of a fake product. These include instruction manuals, warranty cards, wires, plugs, and other items. If anything is missing, you can call the seller or distributor and give information about this. If shopping has happened online, make a video of the whole process of opening the box, this will help you a lot.

10. Unauthorized Center

Buy electronics, appliances, gadgets or other branded items from the Authorized Center. If you are getting a good discount from some other place, then find out from its authorized center first, then shop from there.

That is about how you can identify fake products, soon we will upload a video for the same.

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