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How To Cure Chapped Dry Lips

Our lips are one of the most delicate and beautiful parts of our body and require equal attention and subtle care. In winter season or any dry changing weather our skin is more likely to be dry and, so are the lips. Lips can be chapped and become dehydrated if not taken care of properly.

Soft and smooth lips are one of the most important indicators of physical beauty.

To help heal your cracked lips, here are some small small tips that may help you in everyday life-

  1. Do not lick your lips if they are dry. Because your lips will become drier once the saliva has evaporated.  Just apply some aloe juice to them before leaving home. This way, you can lose the bad habit of licking your lips when you go out.

    2.  Caressing the lips with  ghee (clarified butter) and leaving a layer of it on the lips overnight acts as a natural safeguard for the lips.

  1. Always apply a regular lip balm to protect your lips
  1. Apply a thin coat of natural balm to your lips before applying lipstick
  1. Take a tea bag and dip in hot water, now put on your lips for four-five minutes. This increases the level of moisture on the lips. 
  1. Dip the small cotton gauze in hot cotton butter (ghee) and keep it on your lips for 20 minutes.
  1. Women should apply creamy lipstick. Apart from sunscreen, wearing creamy lipstick can also help calm your cracked lips.
  1. Remove the lipstick and apply a thin layer of ghee on your lips before going to bed using an herbal cleanser.
  1. Good oils – If your skin is as dry as your lips, normally consider adding some extra essential fatty acids to your diet as they help keep skin cells on moisture. Avocado, nuts and seeds, fish, and flax seed oil are all good sources.
  1.  You can also mix honey and olive oil. Mix these two ingredients in equal amounts and spread it on your lips for a few minutes. Olive oil has a good moisturizing effect on your lips, while honey will keep them soft and suppressed at all times.
   11. Drink lots of water. You should drink extra fluids from inside your body to moisturize your         lips, especially in winter. It is suggested that every few hours, we should drink lots of water

Lip rub cleaning

Apply scrub to your lips once a week. The one you apply to your face will suit you perfectly.

 Here is a perfect recipe for peeling:


  • Take 2 teaspoons of semolina (Suji) and half a teaspoon of honey and mix them.
  •  Gently rub it on your lips.
  •  Also, you can massage your lips with a soft toothbrush instead of honey and semolina.
  •  This process will help your lips to get rid of cells and peel.


If the kitchen is not working for you, then you may eventually fall prey to the cosmetic industry, which gives you good lip balm for your cracked lips with beeswax to help you heal the most dehydrated lips ever. is.

After all, don’t you want your lips to be kissable enough? ♥

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