How to overcome when things get broken?

Feeling Lost? How To Overcome When Things Get Broken?

From Black & White to Colorful life

Have you ever noticed how vibrant are the memories of happiness and exciting times in your life? You can remember the tiniest details; Your mind is full of colorful images. It is easy to remember the weather, the color of the sky, the leaves and even the face of strangers who have somehow become part of the memories you cherish.

Now let your mind drift to the most painful time of your life. Like before you change the channel on your television, the scene changes. Physical and emotional pain, anger, fear, and rejection all fall within this part of the memory bank. How do you feel when you try to remember the details? Can you see the sky, the color of the leaves, or the color of the clothes people are wearing? Probably the same, anger repeatedly turns into bitterness, pain becomes a stain that you don’t see, and strangely, the color of your life fades to black and white. The scenes are cold,  Time still stands here in this memory. You quickly choose to look away to avoid those feelings again. You can easily lose the ability to dream a new dream. Choosing to change the channel again usually seems like the best solution. 

how to overcome when things get broken

Every color comes into our life. The best times, The beautiful time, and the time we wish we had never experienced. It is a part of the ladder of life where our choice changes the results. Now, look at your life today. What colors are you seeing? Do they match the times you missed earlier? Are they giving you a positive energy? or do those details fade away quickly that you used to miss?

Here is a secret to be revealed that can change your future outcome. Do you know that your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and what you have experienced as a dream? It only considers what you believe to be the truth; Then it works for you to take the actual value. This is the premise behind the biblical phrase, ‘A man thinks as he is.’ What you believe is real, is your reality.

Life, From Blaclk & white to Colorful

Promises to yourself for a Colorful Life

If the colors have turned black and white, it is the time to dream of something new, fill it with vibrant colors. Fill it with more happiness, more miracles and more pictures that make you happy, as often as possible. When you live your life like this, every decision you make becomes easier. Regardless of the details, you are missing, which makes you unsure of what is right for you, see the images that bring a new idea. If you can see these pictures then you are moving to the right direction of positivity, because Only positive and colorful vibes indicate the right choice for you. Those who get away quickly or fade easily are the ones which cannot give happiness and goodness that you are searching.

Happy colorful life

Positive Note for You – When You are hurt, accept and embrace it, the same way as you learn to feel all the good things you have been through. The bad days leave behind a lesson forever to be learned. Mistakes happen with all of us, we are human after all, the things that make us unique from others is the way we handle the situations, our perspective to learn the positivity from the negativity. My dear, have patience, this is where you need to realise what’s hurting you, who’s hurting you, where you see positivity. Live where you see yourself a safer place to be you. 

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  1. Baccha Dost says:

    Osammm meaningfull nd incourgeing words…cheers Naina

    1. Naina says:

      Thank You 🙂

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