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Choosing Your Perfect Lipstick Color

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friends, didn’t know about lipsticks 😉 Who doesn’t love to pucker up with beautiful colors and grab eyes on you?  Lipstick holds magical powers, guys. Lipstick can make you walk taller, reduce stress, and even bring people together. Seriously, never underestimate the power of a discussion over the best lipsticks color to form lifelong bonds.

Lipstick is already a fashion statement to girls. Also, it adds/gives color to their lips depending on their personality. If a girl chooses bold lipstick like red it means she’s fierce and strong, if something neutral like brown shade she’s either a keen and simple woman, if something light like pink then she’s actually a fun girl and an explorer. See, there’s something behind.

There are a million types out there – glossy, long-wear, matte and what not! I have always been a fan of matte lipsticks. I mean, they are perfect for office and college wear. 

Here I am telling what are the major factors that affect our choice of lip color-

There are major 3 reasons which affect our choice of perfect lipstick color-

  • Skin Tone

  • Mood

  • Hair color

1. Skin Tone

You often get confused with how to choose lipstick for your skin tone. Because Our skin tone is the first factor that we need to keep in mind while choosing a lipstick. There are mainly 5 skin tones -fair, light, medium, tan, and deep

Skin Tone chart for choosing best lipstick for Indian skin tone
Skin Tone chart
choose your lipstick as per skin tone
Various Skin tones

Fair skin tone

Perfect lip shades for fair skin tone are- Blue based Red think for Raspberry, Light pink, coral pink, golden brown, light peach. A cool pink warms up on fair skin and gives such a pop of color to the face says celebrity makeup artist Kim Baker.

Best lipstick colors for Fair skin tone

Medium skin tone

For medium tone skin, best lipstick colors are cherry red, Apricot, Orangey Peach, mauve colors and Bubblegum pink this girly shade looks gorgeous on medium tone.

Best lipstick colors for Medium skin tone

Tan skin tone

Dusky women can rock with these cool lip shades- Deep pink, dark rose, dark red, Berry, universal Red.

Lipstick color chart for tan skin tone

Dark/Deep skin tone

Gone are those days when dark complexion was looked down upon. Black beauty skin type can break their look by applying these glamorous shades Copper Brown, Taupe, Magenta,   Purple, Chocolate brown, Bronze, Plum, wine and dark Berry

Best lipstick for dark skin tone

Here are some guide charts for more beautiful colors as per your skin tone

lipstick color chart as per skin tone- slaydazzlng

This blog is not based on any scientific research but the data has been collected based on the feedback given by various women, we asked them what informed their lipstick choice. We have picked these few common reasons,
so the second one is-

2. Mood

Most of the women said that their choice of lipstick color depends on their mood that day and also many of them mentioned their outfit color and type and the occasion they are attending.

Commonly many of them said wearing red color lip shade gives them a feeling of confident or a sultry mood. Many of them tended to be favored for evening parties or night outs when they know vodka shots and red wine are in their menus.

The color they choose is also based on what kind of attitude they want to have that day with their outfit.
where deep-toned stated wearing a dark red is sexy and makes me ready for a night out, but bright red is more summery and fun.

Confident look lipstick shade as per mood
Night out, sexy Mood lipstick color and makeup

3. Hair color

It is very important to choose the best lip shade and finding the best one is all about playing off your hair color so here we have picked beautiful combination so that you can slay perfect.

Commonly types of hair colors are- Dark brown hair, light brown hair, chestnut brown hair, Black hair, Platinum blond hair, Golden blond hair, copper hair, True Red hair, Strawberry blond.

Keep reading below for the prettiest pairs-

Light Brown hair+Light Pink lips

Light brown hair and pink lip reach to a perfect pink pout. Combination plays nicely together and is perfect for achieving that girls next door look you are known for.

Light Brown hair+Light Pink lips​

Dark Brown hair + Fuchsia lips

I must say women with dark brown hair look stunning in strong fuchsia lip shade. When it comes to looks, brown-haired babe sure on fire way to always turn heads.

Dark Brown hair + Fuchsia lips​tick

Black hair+ Mauve lips

If you have got shiny black colored hair, Mauve lipstick works as your slaying sword. It gives a romantic and smooth texture to your lips.

Black hair+ Mauve lips​tick

Platinum Hair+ Red Lips

If Platinum blonde hair comes up with red lips give moon beauty to your looks.

This attracting combo is a no-fail look. But we careful while choosing a red shade as per your skin tone, it should be suitable on your complexion.

Platinum Hair+ Red Lips​tick

Golden Blonde hair+ Blushy Nude lips

Just like corn & butter and burger & fries, there is no better pair than golden hair and blushy nude lips. All you need to have a decent attitude and charm in your eyes. Blonde is such a look-at-me color that a subtle lip is all you really need.

Golden Blonde hair+ Blushy Nude lips​tick

True Red hair+ Shiny Peach lips

True red hair is inspired for bold babes beauty, to enhance it more give your lips a dramatic shiny peach shade. Go, Rock on and start breaking the heart.

True Red hair+ Shiny Peach lips​

“There are endless ways to enhance beauty. You never know when you will find your perfect lipstick unless you keep experimenting.”

– Pat McGrath

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